a good thing, and a sad thing.

i wanted to try all this stuff out, and i sat here. i sat here messing with all the settings, trying a new font color, saving the changes and then regretting ever changing them at all; when suddenly i realized i had wasted far too much time on that part of things and totally gotten out of the mood for spilling stuff onto this page. ah well, now i'm tired and looking at getting up far too early in the morning to attempt anything that would even pretend to be worthwhile, and yet. and yet, here i am...posting something that won't have any thoughts beyond the thought that i have nothing to say. having an insufficient amount of focus to lend to the thoughts that are running through my mind. the pang of sadness as a family i adore moving far and all too soon, the hope of a job that is not only worthwhile on the money side but would be more satisfying than the prospects i have been trying to tackle in retail. perhaps this little mini entry into the world of blogging will remind me later those things i wanted to share. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in miracles?

Tiffany Ann said...

Yeah Katie Wood!!!